4 of the Coolest Skull Welding Helmet Designs for the Badass Welder
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Welding Buddy Experts
June 6, 2022

4 of the Coolest Skull Welding Helmet Designs for the Badass Welder

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
June 6, 2022

Any badass welder will want to look cool doing what they love, and there's nothing else that symbolizes welding badassery than a skull design on a welding helmet.

Skulls are cool. But to be seen as a welder with style and taste, you have to find the best skull designs. The one safety gear that will stand out. We have four of those welding helmets lined up for you.

skull welding helmet - A black helmet with green skulls formed by a green smoke

The Green Skull: Antra

The Antra Skull Helmet Is Cool Because...

You'll get a unique design that rivals the radical Snap-on green skull welding helmet. In addition, it also carries with it several attractive features for the regular welder. Things like interference suppression and auto-darkening filter make this Antra helmet adaptable for all types of welding and cutting processes.

Other Cool Things About the Antra Skull Helmet

Large viewing window coupled with a sensitive lens shading feature. You'll have a clear and wide view of your surroundings and your torch arc as the Antra skull helmet adjusts to the external light accordingly.

Not-So-Cool Things That Come With the Helmet

Helmet fit. Some welders may have to manage its wobbliness when worn. This is especially true if they're using the Antra welding helmet for long periods.

Where to Get One of Antra’s Skull Helmet

Antra offers a helmet with the coolest green skull design we've seen. If you want to get yourself a skull helmet from this brand, you can check Antra.

skull welding helmet - A welding helmet with white and gray skull drawings

The Radical Custom Skull: Save Phace

The Save Phace Skull Helmet Is Cool Because...

The Save Phace welding helmet has a unique monkey head design. Add to that the awesome skull graphics this brand puts on their headgears and you get custom skull welding helmets that will look cooler than the rest.

It's lightweight, and the lens has a 180 auto-darkening feature that adapts to multiple welding processes. Because of these things, you get a cool helmet that's distinct-looking and stylish.

Other Cool Things About the Save Phace Skull Helmet

The Save Phace helmet has a 9-point adjustable halo inside the headgear. This makes sure you're wearing it comfortably as you weld and cut.

Not-So-Cool Things That Come With the Helmet

While it's lighter than other welding hoods, making it convenient to use, it can be prone to cracks or breaks. So be sure not to drop it.

Where to Get Save Phace’s Skull Helmet

This unique helmet carries this trendy skull design that separates you from the rest. If you think this one's for you, go and get it at Save Phace.

skull welding helmet - A black welding helmet with skull symbols on every side

The Perfect Alternative Skull Helmet: Lincoln Electric

The Lincoln Electric Skull Helmet Is Cool Because...

It's an amazing alternative if you can't find a skull welding helmet at Harbor Freight. The Lincoln Electric helmets are as reputable as the one you're looking for. It's loaded with the same auto-darkening filter and variable shade feature that does well for all kinds of welding and metal cutting processes.

Other Cool Things About the Lincoln Electric Skull Helmet

It has solar technology. The helmet is charged using the sunlight, so it's convenient and climate-friendly. It also saves you a couple of bucks on the electric bill.

Not-So-Cool Things That Come With the Helmet

It's cool that it uses solar and is cost-efficient. But if the battery is built-in and it dies out, you'll have to replace the entire helmet.

Where to Get Lincoln Electric’s Skull Helmet

If you're looking for a skull design made by this brand, you can go to this Lincoln Electric listing.

The Blue Skull: Instapark

The Instapark Skull Helmet Is Cool Because...

You'll most likely find a sticker when you look for a blue skull welding helmet design. Then, you'll have to install the sticker on your existing helmet. In contrast, Instapark already offers a helmet with a blue skull design at the right price.

Other Cool Things About the Instapark Skull Helmet

It's solar-powered. And it even has external controls to make it easy for you to adjust the helmet's shade sensitivity based on the welding process you're practicing.

Not-So-Cool Things That Come With the Helmet

You'll have to adapt to the helmet's random flashes when you use it for TIG welding. But it does an amazing job when you're a heavy MIG welder.

Where to Get Instapark’s Skull Helmet

Instapark reigns in the blue skull design niche. That's because it's the one sought after by marketplace buyers. You can check the Instapark helmet here.

Your Own Kind of Cool in the Heat of Welding

We've given you the best skull welding helmet brands to choose from. Each of them has its own unique skull artwork and its own set of features. So choose more than just your preferred skull style. Select the one that fits your welding needs, too.

If you want more cool helmet designs that will inspire you to weld and elevate your coolness in the workshop. Go and browse more of our website. There are many more awesome welding helmet designs you can select from.

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