AHP TIG Welder: Here’s a Brand Every Welding Beginner Should Check Out!
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Welding Buddy Experts
February 11, 2022

AHP TIG Welder: Here’s a Brand Every Welding Beginner Should Check Out!

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
February 11, 2022

If you are not content with the welder brand that you use for your welding projects, maybe this is the best time for you to try others. AHP Welding Systems is making waves in the welding industry. TIG, MIG, plasma, stick, and other welding accessories are the prime products that AHP offers to its valued customers.

Do you want to know more about AHP? Say goodbye to the outdated 2017 AHP TIG Welder catalog. Read this article down to the very end to find out more about the AHP TIG welder and other high-quality welding items.

Spotlight: The AHP Welding Systems

Honestly, little is known about AHP, and it's one of the most mysterious welder brands out there. However, it has generated positive reviews among critics since its inception. AHP is a Chinese company, and most of its products are somehow similar to what Everlast offers. Everlast is another welder company.

AHP is known for its affordable, powerful, and adaptable welding machines and accessories. Also, the welder company boasts very few customers' complaints or reported product issues or failures. However, the downside of AHP is poorly translated user manuals, and in the trade as complex as welding, you need to absorb everything there is to know about your machine.

The welder company's offered products are few compared to its competitors. But AHP still shows the steady growth and continuously expands its catalog with quality tools and accessories.

Introducing AHP TIG Welders and Accessories

Time to check what AHP has in its storage for your TIG welding project. Here are the AHP TIG welders for sale you might want to add to your prized welding possession.

AHP AlphaTIG 203XI

AHP AlphaTIG 203XI

The AHP AlphaTIG 203XI is a professional-grade TIG welder perfect for home and industrial use. It can weld a wide range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. This machine is designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to set the welder parameters for any project you might be working on. AHP AlphaTIG welders also use an advanced AHP Arc Force Technology that provides clean cuts and prevents welds from being distorted.

If you're looking for a TIG welder that provides exceptional performance, be sure to check out AHP AlphaTIG 203XI! Take it with a special price offer of $725 compared to its regular price of $900.

AHP AlphaTIG 201XD

AHP AlphaTIG 200X

The Alpha TIG 200X is an AHP AC/DC TIG welder with pro-level functions for a very affordable price. It has fully adjustable AC frequency and balance settings to improve tungsten life, penetration, etching width, and arc cone properties. With the aid of a 2T/4T Sequencer, you can use the machine with a remote switch that can enable a cycle using programmable features that include start-end cycle amps without pedal use and post-flow control.

You can also take advantage of the Pulse feature, which is fully adjustable and allows the welder to manipulate the heat carefully. Another amazing feature this machine has is the stick welding that adds versatility when TIG conditions are quite challenging, like windy conditions or when pipe welding is needed.

Other features that you need to look forward to with AlphaTIG 200X are:

  • Powerful 200-amp AC/DC
  • Can handle most welding applications
  • NEMA 6-50 plug wired at the end of the cord
  • It comes with a basic consumable kit, 110 volts plug adapter, argon regulator, a Nova foot pedal, a ground clamp, stick holder, and a TIG torch with a rotating head.
AHP AlphaTIG 225Xi

AHP AlphaTIG 225Xi

Just like the 201XD, the AlphaTIG 225Xi is an AC/DC inverter welder with pro-level features that you can get at an affordable price. This TIG welder has adjustable AC frequency and AHP TIG welder settings. Additionally, it has a 2T/4T Sequencer and Pulse feature for a more satisfactory welding experience. Its stick welding function can work on both AC/DC.

The AlphaTIG 225Xi also comes with the following features:

  • It has a power source of 110/120V, 208/240V.
  • Has a stick welding function aside from TIG.
  • Compatible with a water cooler with an outlet on the rear.
  • Enjoy a powerful 150 amp output on 120 volts and full 225 amp output on 240 volts.
  • It has a downslope and NEMA 6-50 plug wired on the end of the cord.
  • Order this package to enjoy other accessories such as SR26 straight neck TIC torch, 9 feet stick holder, a 6 feet ground clamp, a Nova foot pedal, argon regulator, 110 volts plug adapter, and a basic consumable kit.

Enjoy AlphaTIG 225Xi at a discounted price of $750.

AHP Chill Master 300

Pair Your TIG Welder With This Cool Accessory: AHP Chill Master 300

AHP is surprisingly aware of its customers' suggestions, and it updated its growing catalog by unveiling the AHP Chill Master 300. It is a highly requested water cooler, a perfect partner with AHP's newest line of TIG Welders. This product provides maximum cooling function and includes a special 220/240 volts plug compatible with AHP's 225Xi and 203Xi welding machines.

Get this water cooler and enjoy the following features:

  • Lightweight cooler with a handle attached for easy transfer
  • Color-coded connectors for fast and accurate connection of torch lines from hot to cold
  • Armed with a flow-alarm with an additional disarm-the-sensor option
  • Can handle two gallons of water for a more efficient cooling capacity
  • It also comes with 1.1 input amps, 50/60 Hz input frequency, and a 300A rated amperage.

Keep in mind that you need to pair this cooler with an AHP-compatible TIG torch with a 35-70 DINSE connection.

One more thing. You can have this cooler for $350 with an original price of $450.

Other TIG Welding Accessories

Aside from high-quality welding machines, you may also want to consider the following TIG welding accessories to be a part of your toolbox:

  • Alpha TIG Foot Pedal v1. This pedal has a knob for amp adjustment, a 2-pin connection, and a 3-pin connection to the machine. Take note that this pedal only works on the 2013 model.
  • NOVA Pedal. This one is compatible with AlphaTIG 201XD only.
  • WP26 Flex Neck TIG Torch. This flex torch is a perfect fit for the 2013/2014 TIG 200X series, and it has a 13 feet cable. It boasts a super flexible next and flex hose. Please be reminded that this product doesn't come with a switch.
  • WP 9/20 Gas Lens TIG Kit. The gas lens kit is suitable for the WP9 and -20 TIG torches only. This kit contains alumina nozzles, ceriated tungsten, lanthanated tungsten, collets, and gas lens.

Explore AHP

Though AHP has a few items in its catalog compared to its competitors, it certainly gained favorable reviews from its customers and welding professionals. So, in case you are looking for quality welding tools that will give you satisfaction, try and explore what AHP has to offer.

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