The Best ESAB TIG Welder: Here Are 4 Machines for Your Consideration
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Welding Buddy Experts
August 3, 2021

The Best ESAB TIG Welder: Here Are 4 Machines for Your Consideration

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
August 3, 2021
esab tig welder
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Picking the best equipment for your home workshop or a welding career you want to pursue is a crucial task you need to accomplish before the actual hustle. You will be choosing an everyday companion as you tick one task after another. The machine will also decide your efficiency and the quality of your output.

Let us help you make the right choice by giving you four of the best tools from a trusted brand—ESAB welding machines. By checking these products, you’ll know the best options based on your needs. Let’s begin!

Our Parameters

These are the essential characteristics you should be looking for in a single/multi-process ESAB MIG, TIG/Stick welder. Remember them so every time you go for a search, you can always find the best.

Usability: For this parameter, we will check the AC/DC, voltage, and amperage capacity of the machine to ensure that you can weld different material types from aluminum to stainless steel.

Portability: Whether you are welding at home or looking into offering your service in different parts of town, having light and portable welding equipment is beneficial.

High-Frequency Settings: This characteristic ensures that you can easily control the arc.

Simple Controls: Setting up the machine and its accessories, setting up the voltage and amperage, and using the actual equipment should be as convenient and easy as 1,2,3.

Cooling System: We will check whether the ESAB TIG welding machine has an air or water cooling system.

Checking these characteristics ensures that you have seen the basics of the machine. The other features are a bonus!

Best ESAB Stick And TIG Welder - Renegade ET 300iP

You will seldom see a TIG welding machine that only functions for TIG welding. Most of the time, a TIG machine is also Stick welding capable, just like the Renegade ET 300iP.

Usability: Renegade ET 300iP has a digital display showing the machine's amperage and voltage capacity, which is 5A-300A depending on whether you are using 208V and 460V or performing Stick or TIG welding.

Portability: It is one of the lightest machines at 33 lbs, so you can quickly move it from one place to another.

High-Frequency Settings: This machine has a wide range of frequencies at 0.1-1000, so your welds will be precise.

Simple Controls: The digital display derives information from a three-memory setting. To use this machine, put together the power supply source, input cable, shoulder strap, and connectors. Make sure to read the manual for guidance.

Cooling System: This machine is both water and air cooler capable.

Best MIG, Stick, and TIG Machine - Rebel EMP 215IC

Joining the tasks you can now perform using one welding machine is MIG welding. The Rebel EMP 215IC offers MIG, Stick, and TIG welding, so you should learn all these welding techniques to utilize the machine.

Usability: You can use 120V and 230V plugs to produce 5A-240A power depending on whether you are MIG, TIG, or Stick welding.

The set is complete with the power supply machine, MIG torch, stick electrode holder, work lead, regulator, hose, wires, tips, and feed rolls.

Portability: You can transport this 77lbs weight machine using a built-in, ergonomically designed handle. The device is so robust that even when you transport it over and over again, it will still function excellently.

High-Frequency Settings: 50/60Hz

Simple Controls: You can conveniently adjust the welding capacity of the machine through the 4.3-inch LCD screen.

Cooling System: Torches of the Rebel EMP 215IC are air-cooled.

Best All-Purpose Machine - Rebel EMP 205IC AC/DC

When you thought a machine could only perform up to three welding techniques, here comes the Rebel EMP 205IC AC/DC, which can perform MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, DC TIG, DC Pulse TIG, and AC TIG.

Usability: To perform all the techniques this machine can do, use the parts included in the kit: AC/DC power source, cables, plugs, MIG and TIG torch, return cable, clamp, hose, wires, and different accessories.

Once done setting up, the equipment can produce maximum amperage of 205A with TIG DC, 235A for MIG, and 180A for Stick welding using either 120V or 230V.

Portability: Despite all its functions, the Rebel EMP 205IC AC/DC is lightweight and portable at 49 lbs.

High-Frequency Settings: up to 400Hz

Simple Controls: It uses a sMig technology for its displays, multilingual capacity, and different welding adjustments and control.

Cooling system: Uses an air-cooled torch

Best Portable ESAB TIG Welder - Rogue ET 200 IP Pro

If portability is your number one consideration in buying a TIG welding machine as you will be moving a lot for your welding hobby or hobby-turned-career, check out the Rogue ET 200 IP Pro.

Usability: For 230V, this machine can Stick weld using 20A-200A and TIG weld using 10A-200A, and when using 120V, it can Stick weld 20A-110A and TIG weld 10A-140A.

You will be provided with a power source, cable, plug, shoulder strap, tig torch, cable, clamp, regulator, adapter, electrode holder, and wear parts.

Portability: This only weighs 21.2 lbs, so you can move it as much as you can without the worry of damage as the machine is extremely sturdy.

High-Frequency Settings: up to 500Hz

Simple controls: You can use the torch, a foot pedal, or a hand remote control to control the heat.

Cooling system: Air-cooled using a built-in fan that automatically turns on as needed

In Closing

There you go! These are the four best ESAB AC/DC TIG welder machines with their best qualities. For you to pick the best, know what your welding needs are. For example, do you need TIG welder machines that are portable or machines that can perform multiple welding techniques? Do you look into performing TIG and Stick welding only? Find the machine that fits your answer.

ESAB TIG welder prices vary depending on where you’ll buy it, but aside from the cost, consider your needs first in picking which equipment you will choose. Enjoy your money’s worth by picking the machine that can assist you with exactly what you need.

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