Get the Best Propane Cutting Torch Tip for Cost-Effective and Stable Preheating
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Welding Buddy Experts
May 16, 2022

Get the Best Propane Cutting Torch Tip for Cost-Effective and Stable Preheating

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 16, 2022

You take on a welding project that requires preheating, and you need a good cutting torch tip to succeed. This is crucial in avoiding metal cracks and distortion, so you want the best—as much as possible. 

You decide to get a propane cutting torch tip. It's less expensive and more stable than other fuel gasses, but it's tricky to find one with promising quality. Even if you're skilled at welding, a flimsy torch tip won't help you make solid welds.

We know it can be difficult to find a good one, so we've compiled best-selling propane cutting torch tips to help you out! Complete your cutting torch set with an incredible propane torch tip and weld strong metals.

4 Oxy-Propane Cutting Torch Tips for Stable and Economic Preheating

Save yourself from long hours of online and offline shopping with our propane torch tip roundup! These are best-sellers from Amazon, and they come from reliable welding equipment brands. So keep scrolling and pick a favorite!

oxy propane cutting torch tips - sua 6290-nx series propane tips

1) SÜA - 6290-NX Series 3-Pack Propane Cutting Tips

Attention, Harris welding torch users! The Sua's 6290-NX Series is the perfect torch tip for you.

Compatible With: Harris Cutting Torches

Whether you use a Harris straight or machine torch for cutting, these propane tips from SÜA work well with both. The manufacturer also doesn't specify any torch models.

Best Torch Tip For: Affordability and a Neat Preheats

This is one of the most affordable propane torch tips available; you can order a three-pack tip for less than $20! But the best thing about it is that the price doesn't make it less powerful. In fact, it gives you a neat preheat and great cutting output.

Drawbacks: Incorrect Sizing and Durability Issues

A few customers were unhappy with receiving the wrong tip sizes, saying it's too big for what they need. Durability issues also prompt them to replace the tip after a few uses. 

2) Riverweld Propane Cutting Tip for Victor Oxy Fuel Torch

Meanwhile, the Riverweld Propane Cutting Tip is a more compatible torch tip for Victor cutting torch users.

Compatible With: Victor Series 3 GPN Size 1 Oxy Fuel Torch 

The manufacturer recommends using this torch tip for the Victor 3 GPN Size Torch Series. That said, some users say it is also compatible with other Victor torches like the Radnor Torch Set.

Best Torch Tip For: Function and Cost-Effectivity

This propane torch tip fits well and works as advertised. Most importantly, it's more affordable than torch tips at local welding shops. You can get this for only $11 on Amazon!

Drawbacks: Smaller Than Victor Tips

Some customers argue that this propane tip is smaller than the standard sizes of Victor tips.

propane cutting torch tip chart - weldingcity propane tips for victor gpn

3) WeldingCity Propane/Natural Gas Cutting Tip for Victor GPN Series

The two-piece WeldingCity Propane Cutting Tip will make a great tool for medium to heavy preheating.

Compatible With: Victor GPN Torch Series

WeldingCity recommends using these tips for specific Victor cut torch models. These include the CA2460, 1400C, SST, ST, and CA1060. Furthermore, it's available in various sizes, namely 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Best Torch Tip For: Flexibility, Affordability, and Heavy-Duty Preheating

This is even more budget-friendly than the previous products. You can get a pack for less than $10! But what makes it stand out is its general-purpose function and capacity for medium to heavy preheating. You can also use it for both hand and machine cutting tasks.

Drawbacks: Incorrect Sizing

Some users find that the size is too large for their torch. You can check Victor's propane cutting torch tip chart to ensure you're choosing the right sizes and units.

cutting torch - uniweld type 17-2 torch tip

4) Uniweld Type17-2 Propane Cutting/Welding/Brazing Tips

The Uniweld Type17-2 Propane Torch Tip is the most versatile product on our list. It's designed to work with various fuel gasses and tasks!

Compatible With: Uniweld Torches

This Uniweld tip fits most torches from the same brand, particularly the 71 or the WH550 handles.

Best Torch Tip For: Versatility, Convenience, and Brand Reputation

Uniweld is designed for different fuel gasses like natural gas, propane, acetylene, and MAP Pro. You can also use it for various tasks such as welding, soldering, brazing, and heating. Plus, it features a tip nut that you can tighten with your hand for easy adjustments.

Lastly, Uniweld has a nice brand reputation. Customers buy these torch tips because they're from Uniweld. That says a lot about the brand's image. 

Drawbacks: Expensive and Torch Fit Issues

Unfortunately, you'll have to spend a bit more on this product as it costs $29. Some customers also have issues with the fitting. There's no clarification whether those torches are Uniweld's, but this could happen if you don't use the recommended torch units or use another brand.

Solid Preheating With Propane for One-Time Big Time Welding

As a welder, you're aware that a key to strong welds is preheating, and the key to good preheating is a torch with a good tip. The setup seems simple, but it's not. First, there are different gas fuels to choose from. Second, selecting the right fuel and torch depends on various factors.

This means all torches can work well when you use them for the right purpose. For example, it's ideal to use a propane cutting torch kit if you're on a budget and want a stable and neat preheat. We hope you're able to pick your favorite from the roundup!

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