2021 Review Of the 9 High-Quality Yet Cheap Welding Helmets Under $80
Last updated ago
8 min read
September 2, 2021

2021 Review Of the 9 High-Quality Yet Cheap Welding Helmets Under $80

Last updated ago
8 min read
September 2, 2021
cheap welding helmets
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cheap welding helmets
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cheap welding helmets
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Novice and experienced welders have divided opinions about cheap welding helmets. Some perceive them as a good bargain, while others equate cheap to low quality.

Ease your doubts, welding buddies! Because we've conducted extensive research and made a review of the best cheap welding hoods under $80. Take note that these helmets are only suitable for hobbyists, DIY projects, home use, general welding applications, and small workshops.  

9 Good But Cheap Welding Helmets Under $80

Antra Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Model Number: ‎AH6-260-0000

Our first cheap auto-darkening welding helmet review is the Antra Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet. For less than 50 bucks, you can have a high-quality welding helmet that can protect you from harmful radiation and spatters.

Besides its auto-darkening feature, Antra is solar-powered and includes three lithium metal batteries. It also has a battery indicator that tells you if your hood is running out of juice.

Antra welding helmet can also block UV/IR radiation even when the power is not turned on with the help of its passive lens filter shade 13. Four arc sensors are also installed to shield you from the arc flash as you activate the auto-darkening mode. Don't worry about eye strain because it has a fast switching time of 1/25,000th-second.

Antra Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet's headgear is flexible and lightweight, although it has heavy-duty features. It can also retain its upright position even if it is flipped up. This helmet is designed for grinding, plasma cutting, stick welding, TIG, and MIG.

Cons: It seems the helmet is made from thin material. Also, it is not advisable to use this for overhead welding.

YESWELDER auto-darkening Welding Helmet

Model Number: LYG-L500A

YESWELDER auto-darkening Welding Helmet is a versatile welding gear suitable for MIG, TIG, and stick welding. It has a wide viewing size of 4.33 by 2.37 inches, a rare but impressive feature for cheap welding helmets.

Another exceptional feature of this helmet is the built-in high-grade auto-darkening sensors which yield a switching time of 3/10000th-second. Thus, it can shield you from severe arc flashes.

You will also bid goodbye to a traditional helmet view screen's lime green shade. Instead, YESWELDER applied their True Color Technology in this helmet to see your surroundings in real-color view.

Furthermore, it has an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2. What is this rating for? The optical clarity is an international standard rating for welding eye and face protection. A helmet's visual clarity is evaluated in four categories: optical, diffusion of light, variations in luminous transmittance, and angle dependence on luminous transmittance. It also solves one of the ultimate problems of a welder: eye strain.

In addition, YESWELDER has a long-lasting battery life of 3000 hours, and it is solar-powered, which allows you to work outdoors during sunny days. Surprisingly, it is ergonomic and lightweight, which helps you work for long hours without experiencing neck fatigue.

Cons: It has no cutting and grinding mode. Also, the lens tends to fog up quickly.

DEKOPRO Solar Powered auto-darkening Hood

Model Number: MZ225

Another best cheap auto-darkening welding helmet powered by the sun, the DEKOPRO welding helmet, can switch from light to dark in just 1/25,000th-second using its highly sensitive auto-darkening filter.

It has a viewing area of 3.62 by 1.65 inches. DEKOPRO's auto-darkening system protects against harmful spatter, sparks, and radiation while you are working. This helmet is compliant with ANSI Z87.1 and EN379. Its optical clarity rating is 1/2/1/2, which is still good considering the lowest score is three.

If it runs out of juice, DEKOPRO can still block UV/IR radiation through its adjustable filter range from 9-13. Speaking of batteries, the helmet has solar panel technology. It is also powered by a lithium battery that can last for 5000 hours.

Moreover, you can use it with both cheater and magnifying lenses. As for its headwear, an adjustable headband is attached to it so it can fit snugly around your head. DEKOPRO supports various welding processes like MIG, arc gouging, TIG, stick welding, and plasma cutting.

Cons: The on and off switch can get loose through time. Ensure that you’ve really switched the helmet off after using it so the battery won’t drain. Other than that, the headband straps aren't easy to adjust, so you have to tweak them a bit.

Instapark ADF Series Welding Helmet

Model Number: GX990T

Instapark ADF Series welding helmet's defining feature is the size of its viewing area. How large is it? It's 3.94 by 3.86 inches! It is so broad that you don't have to move your neck frequently to get a full view of what you’re working on.

Instapark ADF Series has variable shade adjustment from 5-13 and can quickly switch to dark in 1/30,000th-second. Of course, it also helps to have four arc sensors in it that trigger the auto-darkening filter as you create an arc.

Its dial controls are conveniently located on its external shell at the left side of the helmet. As a result, you can easily adjust settings like shade, grind, sensitivity, and delay. It also saves you time to switch from weld to grind mode and vice versa.

Despite its large view area, the helmet is lightweight but durable. You can customize its fit by adjusting its ratcheting headband. It also has a padded interior which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Cons: When you switch to light mode, the available shade is only four, darker than usual.

Tanox auto-darkening Welding Helmet

Model Number: ADF-206S

Tanox auto-darkening welding helmet has a decent-sized viewing area of 3.86 by 1.73 inches. Therefore, it is perfect for plasma cutting, arc gouging, TIG, MIG, and MMA.

Like the other cheap welding hoods on this list, Tanox is solar-powered so that you can work even outdoors in fair weather. Plus, it has a lithium battery that can last for two years, so it is really alright to work long hours. Instead of a LED indicator, the helmet has an alarm that warns you that your battery is running low.

Tanox auto-darkening welding helmet is ANSI Z87.1 and EN379 compliant. In addition, it has an optical class rating of 1/1/1/2. Tanox can even protect you from UV/IR radiation, even if your helmet is having an electrical malfunction.

It is a complete package, too, because you will also get high-quality 16-inch welding gloves made up of Kevlar stitched, fire-retardant leather worth twenty dollars. It also comes with an extra lens cover for free.

Cons: Battery replacement could be difficult, and it doesn't have a grinding mode.

TOOLIOM Welding Helmet

Model Number: ‎TL-M800D

This TOOLIOM welding helmet is a multi-functional gear you can use for grinding, TIG, MIG, plasma cutting, and MMA. For only $60, you can have a hood that is not only comfortable but can also provide you maximum protection.

Say goodbye to neck strains thanks to its large viewing area, which is 3.94 by 3.27 inches. Its auto-darkening technology is impressive because of its four premium sensors which make it highly responsive.

Although it is under the cheap category of welding helmets, it surprisingly offers True Color Technology that helps lessen the usual green tint on the lens and provides you a very clear picture of what you’re welding down to the last arc. Also, you will not experience blurriness or distortion since it has a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating.

As for the TOOLIOM welding helmet's headgear construction, it is comfortable to wear with the help of its breathable and soft cushion. Moreover, it is compatible with a cheater or magnifying lens just in case your eyesight requires vision correction.

Cons: It may have a comfy cushion but beware of its strap or harness because it is flimsy.

Jackson Safety Welding Helmet

Model Number: 14975

This Jackson safety welding helmet has been around for almost a decade. It deserves to be on this best cheap welding helmet list as it’s been proven to be a trusted welding buddy of seasoned and novice welders for years. It is a tremendous and extraordinary feat to be in the market for that long. Let’s learn why.

For one, this Jackson safety welding helmet is tough-looking yet comfortable to wear. The manufacturer added a lip to keep you safe from slag, arc flashes, and spark. You can also wear it with a hard hat in case you need one. In addition, they also extended its lower part to protect your throat.

One of its notable yet straightforward features is the headgear's material which is made from thermoplastics. According to Online Sciences, thermoplastics is a malleable material that is durable and lightweight. It also has high-impact resistance and is eco-friendly.

Further, it may have a plain design but its manufacturer, SureWerx, loaded it with valuable features such as Tru Sight II, Jackson Safety Insight, and Nexgen auto-darkening filters. Moreover, you can work with it in tight spaces because of its long and narrow design. On top of that, the helmet is made especially for TIG, MIG, arc, and stick welding processes.

Cons: One of the complaints about this Jackson helmet is that you cannot work if your surroundings have too much bright light or work directly under the sun since it is difficult to see.

Holulo Welding Helmet

Model Number: not mentioned

Holulo is a welding helmet powered by solar energy. It seems its manufacturer is serious about promoting a sustainable and energy-efficient hood which is one of the reasons welders love this model. In addition, you have an option to use lithium batteries just in case the sun rarely comes out.

It has a viewing size of 3.64 by 1.67 inches with an optical clarity grade of 1/1/1/2. Not bad for a cheap welding helmet. Plus, the lens is integrated with True Color Technology, which provides clear visual clarity and reduces eye strain.

As for its auto-darkening mode, two premium arc sensors trigger it with a switching duration of 0.1 milliseconds. In contrast, its recovery time from dark to light state is 0.1-0.9 seconds. You can also easily control delay and sensitivity parameters through its knobs which are right under its LCD.

Holulo welding helmet is lightweight with pivot style headgear. In addition, it can handle up to 130°C temperatures that let you work efficiently even under extreme temperatures. Aside from its insulation properties, its face shield can dissipate heat fast.

Cons: As we've already mentioned, Holulo only has two arc sensors, so don't expect super-fast switch time.

Forney Easy Weld Series Velocity Welding Helmet

Model Number: 55732

Forney Industries' welding equipment is known to be a bit pricey. But believe it or not, we came across a Forney welding helmet, which is budget-friendly. And it is called the Forney Easy Weld Series Velocity.

It is one of the cheap welding hoods of Forney Industries that is compliant with not just two but several safety standards such as ANSI Z87.1, EN175, EN166, EN379, and CE standards (DIN and ISO). It shows that Forney Industries only wants the best for their loyal customers by offering them a welding helmet that follows industry standards to a T.

This Forney Easy Weld helmet has an impact-resistant, lightweight, and fireproof headgear with a five-point adjustable headband. In contrast, the size of its viewing area is 3.62 by 1.65 inches, equipped with True Color Technology. Besides, it has an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2.

You will have no trouble tweaking shades because it has an external knob with a grind option. On the other hand, you can control the delay and sensitivity levels through its internal switch controls. It also has a switching speed of 1/25,000th-second that prevents eye strain when you want to switch to auto-darkening.

Cons: Although it is solar-powered, the 3V lithium batteries included in the package are not rechargeable.


What is a good cheap welding helmet for you? Would you choose based on the brand name or price? Choosing will not be as hard as in the previous years since there’s no shortage of cheap welding helmets in the market. But determining which is "good" is the challenging part. We hope that we helped you on that part through this article. It is still up to you to decide which welding helmet to choose at the end of the day.

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