Beyond the 110V Welder: Double the Power With Hobart Handler 210 MVP

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July 13, 2022
110v welder - A welder working on an aluminum tubing

Welding with a 110-volt MIG machine is fun, but you want more. You've been practicing with the machine for a long time and know all the tricks. Plus, the machine is getting old and needs a replacement anyway. Yet, you don't want to part with what you're used to.

That's why we're reviewing this perfect welder replacement for you. Here are the specs and features of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP—a machine that doubles up your current one.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Specs Overview

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP promises a welding machine beyond what a typical 110 MIG Welder can offer. Here's an overview of what you can expect under this Hobart MIG rig's hood.

Welding Process: MIG, Flux Core
Voltage Input: 115/230 volts
Amp Range: 115V @ 25 - 140 , 230V @ 25 - 210
Wire Feed Speed: 40 - 680 inches per minute
Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 amps
Weight: 79 pounds / 35 kilos
Dimensions: H 12.03" x L 19.5" x 10.06"

Hobart Handler 210 MVP's Features Double-Up

Hobart Handler MVP is a 110-volt welder's hefty competition. While some of these MIG welders offer only singular features, the Handler doubles it. Here are some of the qualities that prove Hobart Handler 210 delivers twice the MIG machine abilities you expect it to have.

Dual Process

You can switch the Hobart Handler processes to either metal inert gas (MIG) welding or flux-cored wire welding (FCAW). This multiprocess welder expands the kind of metals and projects you can work on.

Dual Spool Hubs

With Hobart Handler, you can enjoy dual hub capabilities for your solid wire spools. The machine can accommodate spools that are 4 or 8 inches in diameter. This enables you to load plenty of wire varieties that fit the MIG and FCAW welds you're working on.

Dual Voltage

Hobart Handler has improved welding power. You can still enjoy the capacity of a 110-v welder, but your machine can also take in 115 up to 230 volts. This puts your mind at ease because the machine can be plugged into most electrical sockets.

Dual Gun Compatible

A typical MIG welding machine is only compatible with a MIG welding gun. Additionally, these guns are specifically designed for MIG use and nothing else. 

Hobart Handler 210 MVP allows you to plug in not just the welding gun but also a spool gun. So if you're having a tough time working metals like stainless steel or aluminum, you can switch to a spool gun in a heartbeat.

What Else Can Hobart Handler 210 MVP Offer?

Apart from the welder offering twice the expected features, Hobart Handler has more benefits. Anyone who wants to work with this machine can expect the following highlights of this MIG equipment.

Controls Are Effortless

Some welding machines can be a challenge to operate because of complicated controls. With Hobart, it's effortless.

Hobart has a total of three switches. You have the voltage and amperage knobs on the front panel. At the machine's back is the on/off switch. It's simple enough that even newbie welders can work with it.

You Get a Built-in Settings Guide

To match the simplicity of controls, Hobart designed the 210 MVP with a built-in guide as a follow-through. You get a chart that gives you the correct settings for the type of wire, metal, and gas you will work on.

It Can Make Welding Aluminum a Blast

It's amazing that Hobart 210 MVP is designed to have a ready port and is built with the right circuitry that makes using a spool gun desirable. Imagine having the right power capacity and tool to take on a delicate ¼-inch aluminum without any trouble. 

Expected Improvements to the Next Hobart Models

As much as we want the Hobart to give us twice of everything it can offer, there are limitations. With the welder's budget in mind, the manufacturer had to dial down on some aspects of the machine.

But perhaps in the next set of Hobart 210 MVP models, we'll see some improvements while maintaining its current price point.

Weight Reduction

Hobart MIG machine's weight is relative to the power it brings. Yet lifting a 79-pound machine can be quite a workout, especially if you're not used to it.

It would be better if Hobart would reduce the weight without sacrificing the features so welders can carry this machine anywhere in their workshop or outside.

Increase the Duty Cycle

Hobart MVP's duty cycle will work for projects where you can take your time. 20% is enough for most home or DIY MIG and FCAW welding. On the other hand, if you're an expert in making end-to-end weld passes without a sweat, you may find these duty cycle specs lacking.

Welders will appreciate an additional 30% to 40% increase on the duty cycle on the next model. This will bring the Hobart 210 MVP among the ranks of superstar MIG rigs.

Add-Ons for Your Hobart Handler 210 MVP

If you want an upgrade to your Hobart Handler, get a dedicated spool gun. This tool will let you work on aluminum workpieces and load up wires with ease and precision.

Hobart offers its spool gun called the SpoolRunner 100. Sometimes, it will be included in the package when you get the 210 MVP. Otherwise, getting the separate tool also offers its own cool accessories that enhance your Hobart Handler's aluminum welding potential.

A 110V Welder, But Better

Hobart Handler is an amazing replacement for your old 110 mig welder. You will ease into it well because it can operate on the 110-volt capacity. Hobart will still let you have all the fun you used to have playing with your old MIG toy, but it gives you the option to double up if you're ready to take that leap. So take a peek at the Hobart Handler 210 MVP here. More awesome MIG rigs are in the lineup when you check our blogs. Be ready for more awe-inspiring welding machines that will have you thinking about the wide possibilities of welding as a hobby. Come check them out on our website.

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