Best TIG Welders for The Money: Reviews and Top Picks

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April 11, 2021
best tig welder

It takes high-quality equipment to deliver an exceptional finish, and no welder type controls heat better or makes more satisfactory welds than a TIG machine does. However, choosing the right welding tool to meet your requirements can be a challenge if you are limited to a certain budget. We know the struggle, so we did our own research to find the best TIG welders for your money.  Here is a list based on tons of reviews from everyday users to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Top 10 Models Reviewed

Take a look and read our ten extensive reviews on each of the best TIG welding machines you can buy online. 

  1. AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder

Our top pick among all the TIG welding machines you can buy online is the AHP AlphaTIG200X 200 Amp TIG Welder. This welder is an all-around machine that can operate various types of jobs, from fine sheet metal to thicker welds. This TIG machine can easily weld any material, including aluminum. In fact, this welder is often exclusively bought for fabricating aluminum.

Although it does an exceptional job welding metals, the foot pedal and earth clamp fall short in terms of quality. But it’s not much to complain about for the price and high-performing capability of the machine.

This TIG welder is priced affordably like a budget TIG welder, but it is comparable with high-priced welders such as the Miller and Lincoln machines. It comes with a high-frequency, non-touch torch that can efficiently form arcs fuss-free. It has features that we can only expect from high-end TIG welders, which all the more makes it worthy of being in the top spot of our list. 

The AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder features a helpful finger switch to use if you’re not into foot pedals. This machine also features a wide range of accessories and settings that you can customize to suit your welding needs. Its settings include pulse arc, amperage, square wave sizes, and many more. 

Even though this machine doesn’t cost much, it still comes with an extended warranty to give you added peace of mind upon purchase. 

With its top-notch features, it’s no question that this piece of equipment is one of the best TIG welders available on the market today!

  1. 200 AMP HF Inverter S7 TIG Welder 110V/220V 

This TIG welder features an exceptional welding speed of 50/60HZ despite the low price tag. Even with the welder’s faster speed, it does not put the results in jeopardy when speeding up the welding process. It has a dual power input of 110 and 220V. 

It has a duty cycle between 60-80% that can significantly improve its performance. The S7 TIG Welder is a two-in-one machine featuring both TIG and ARC capabilities. It is highly capable of welding stainless steel and other commonly used metals. It also comes with a TIG torch, so you don’t need to fret about buying the accessory separately. 

This machine might be the best AC DC TIG welder for the money. Unlike other welders in this list, this machine is compatible with a large variety of metals, steel, and alloys. It was designed to be suitable to work with the diverse nature of metals which makes it superior to the others. This is an ideal welder for newbies who are just starting out in welding

  1. Miller Maxstar 150 STL TIG Welder

If you want a top-tier TIG welder and the cost is not a problem, the Miller Maxstar 150 STL TIG Welder is a great choice. This model is a Miller stand-out and one of the best TIG welders of today. It is a bit pricier compared to the other TIG welders on this list, but it definitely packs a premium punch.

Known for its high-quality welding equipment, Miller Electric is currently one of the industry's leading brands. Hobbyists and beginners tend to stay away from this brand because most of their units are made for extensive workshop use, but the Maxstar 150 is a different story.  It doesn't fall behind other Miller devices and will even outlast most of its counterparts. Novice welders should consider buying this machine if they have an extra dollar to spare. You can also buy the best welding helmet for TIG from the same brand.

The package includes a Weldcraft™ A-150 12-foot TIG torch, an extraordinary size for a TIG torch, and a heavy-duty case that can safely fit and protect the machine and all its accessories. 

Maxstar 150 doesn't look like much of a welding machine despite its many accessories. It is light, small, and portable but holds so many more features built into its compact design than other larger devices. There are no extensive settings like in the more advanced Miller TIG welders, but for basic TIG welding use—this model does the job.

  1. Primeweld TIG225X IGBT AC/DC TIG Welder

This welding machine is a great TIG welder that can be compared to the AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp TIG Welder, although lacking in some areas. It features a similar array of settings to activate valuable functions that can be utilized in various types of welds. 

Although it has similar features to the AHP AlphaTIG200x, it is significantly heavier and not as user-friendly. The Primeweld TIG225X is complicated to use for novice welders who are still trying to get the hang of the machine.

This welder comes with both a finger switch and a foot pedal. It prides itself on flexible adjustment features that give you the freedom to regulate the amperage on the fly. Though the pedal is not the most comfortable to use, it still gets the job done easier and much quicker.

The best feature of this welder is its air-cooled CK Superflex Torch, which makes it great for low amperage welding. It is very lightweight, a plus for portability, and allows for easy maneuvering in different welding situations. Keep in mind that it’s not water-cooled, so it will quickly heat up with extensive high-amperage welding. This particular model is also the best tig welder for aluminum. 

  1. Weldpro ACDC Stick TIG Welder

The Weldpro Digital TIG200GB TIG Welder is surprisingly low-priced considering what you’re going to get. This welding machine has very little difference in features and performance from many of its counterparts at four or five times the price. It is the best budget TIG welder within its range. However, there’s still a number of downsides to this machine that pulls it lower down our list. 

It has the same features as the AHP AlphaTIG 200x and Primeweld TIG225X Amp TIG welder. It comes with a European-style torch that may take some getting used to, especially if you have more experience with other TIG devices. If this poses a problem with your welds, you have the option to purchase the CK Superflex Torch for an additional price. 

The model is also designed for welding aluminum and comes with various settings to improve your precision for different work requirements. Be aware that this machine is not as user-friendly as the other machines on this list. The foot pedal is one of its loved features and also one of the best in Weldpro’s catalog.

This welder is an ideal choice if you’re a hobbyist or professional who wants a state-of-the-art piece of equipment with excellent performance.

6. Everlast PowerTIG 185 Welder

This welder is another budget machine with top-notch performance. It has apparent similarities to the Weldpro Digital TIG200GD Tig Welder, AHP AlphaTIG 200x, and Primeweld TIG225X TIG Welder in terms of cost and built-in features. But it does run on less amperage and is not as beginner-friendly.

This welder is popular among fabricators and is even considered the best welder you can get at a low price. It delivers a smooth and stable electrical arc for delicate stainless steel welds and is also capable of welding thick aluminum.

However, this machine doesn’t have a foot pedal. The finger switch is incomparable to the Everlast foot pedal, which is sold separately.

  1. Lotos 200 AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder

The Lotos 200 AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder is specially designed for novice welders who want to hone their welding ability. It’s easy to use and offers enough functionality for you to hone your skills beyond basic techniques.

It comes with a foot pedal, but it is not as user-friendly as we would want it to be. Also, there is a noticeable lack of responsiveness and accuracy, minimizing the effectiveness of mild-weld adjustments. Be aware that there is now a finger switch on this machine, so it’s not recommended for beginners who are just learning how to adjust amperage mid-weld. 

Lotos welders are generally not the best on the market, but their affordability and ease of use make up for what’s lacking. This model is, without a doubt, one of the brand’s top-performing single-purpose machines. However, it is not made for complex, heavy-duty welding jobs. If you are a pro TIG welder who wants a top-of-the-range machine, this is not for you. But it is perfect for beginners who want an affordable device to take on small home projects and hone their skills.

  1. Amic TIG225 TIG Welder

This welding machine is a low-priced welder with a variety of amperage options to boast. It is intended for hobbyists and beginners who want to learn something basic and need the option of a higher amperage range.

Most hobbyists choose and rely on this welder for its affordability and ease of use. It has made its way into our list for its superior quality and high-amp TIG performance built within its basic design.

This lightweight, portable machine can make for good on-site welding equipment for large-scale projects away from the workshop. The Amico TIG-225 is packaged with a robust case that can thrive in extreme on-site

9. Mophorn 160 Amp TIG Welders

For people who are interested in cheaper units, the Mophorn 160 Amp Tig welder is one of the best TIG welders for the money. This machine is perfect for people who are just starting out and only want to learn basic TIG welding techniques.

It’s the most affordable machine on our list, but it does fall a little short in terms of quality. This is a low-powered unit that can only weld thin sections and is not the most suitable for welding aluminum. However, we can’t deny that this unit is one of the most user-friendly machines on this list. While the instructions manual doesn’t quite give you clear beginner-friendly instructions, Mophorn is known for its superb customer service, so you can easily reach them when you need to.

This welder is lightweight, which makes it easier to transport to different places. This machine makes it an ideal on-site welder. However, its amperage range is too low for heavy-duty use.

If you want to save a couple of bucks and don’t really mind a lower quality welding machine that still does any small-time job, the Mophorn 160 will do come in handy. 

  1. Lincoln Electric K5126-1 TIG Welders

The Lincoln TIG200 TIG Welder is an ergonomic unit that has a good-quality foot pedal, torch, and settings that are conveniently placed to provide more control. This machine is also straightforward to use. It comes with a clear instruction manual for when you're unsure what you're doing. 

It possesses a fabricator's strength while also having the lightweight design of portable welders. The Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 fills a lot of niches. It has extraordinary powers and comes with all the essential accessories. 

It can be a pricier option in comparison to the other models on the list but considering its excellent arc welding capabilities being at par with much larger industrial machines, the price is not that bad at all.

Quick Pro Tip: Power Requirements

  • Input Power. It is essential to know the right voltage for the machine you are buying. If you need a device that doesn’t output more than 140 amps, a 110-120V will do. However, if you need a portable unit that you can bring around, you will need something capable of dual-input voltage. 
  • AC/DC. If you are welding aluminum, you will need an AC/DC machine. However, if you’re only welding steel, you can use a DC TIG welder. 

Our Verdict

Out of all the TIG-capable welding equipment in today’s market, the AlphaTIG 200x 200 Amp TIG Welder is our top pick for the best TIG welder for the money. You can compare it to high-caliber Miller and Everlast machines but at a fairly lower price. It is a high-performing machine in every aspect and is made with durable parts. 

If you want a cheaper machine that doesn’t fall far behind the AHP TIG 200x, the S7 Inverter TIG Welder, with its flexible amperage range and attractive price, is a great alternative.

Though none of these welders are perfect, they all have valuable components that satisfy the needs of different welding professionals. We hope this list will help you big time in getting your first TIG welder that's definitely worth your money. 

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