Auto Tint Welding Helmet: Your Toolbox Essential for Welding Protection

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December 20, 2021
auto tint welding helmet

Welding is not an easy job. With all the risks it brings, it’s important that you wear a welding helmet for your safety and protection so you can do your best work. If you are a professional welder, then the best auto-darkening welding helmet is an essential part of your toolbox. 

We know that there are many different types of auto-darkening welding helmets on the market today. That's why we made a list of features of the best auto-darkening helmet so you can make a more informed decision when purchasing yours.

Passive Helmets 

Many welders still choose to wear traditional welding hoods. These non-auto-darkening welding helmets have glass lenses and a fixed shade that stays dark even if you are not working. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the tint of the hood to give you a clearer view of your work depending on your needs. These helmets are also the cheapest among the selection but can have several disadvantages. 

To activate and deactivate the tint of the hood, you have to lift it up and down repeatedly, which can contribute to more stress on the welder's arms, making welding a tedious activity if you are planning to work all day. 

Auto-dimming Welding Helmet

These auto-dimming hoods are the more advanced equipment for professional welders. These helmets automatically change the shade of the viewfinder. It goes into an inactive state when you are not welding and turns into an active state in milliseconds once the sparks from the welding are initiated. 

This feature eliminates the need to adjust the shade, making the welder more productive and allowing them to work for a longer time. In addition, the liquid crystal display reacts quickly to harmful light emissions and ensures protection for your eyes.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Welding Helmet 

Individual helmets have different purposes and features. If you are looking for the best helmet for your welding activity, here are some key factors you may want to consider before purchasing one. 

Power Capacity

Auto-darkening welding glasses require a power source to keep the shade running. Some welding hoods use solar power to keep the darkening feature working and offer a longer helmet life that can last up to 7 years. Other welding helmets require a replaceable battery to run.

These battery-operated helmets can still compete with the solar-powered ones. If you are working for long hours, make sure to have a battery replacement in hand and always turn your helmets off when not in use to conserve the power. 

Weight and Comfort

It is important to consider the weight of your welding hood. There are heavy-duty helmets for intense working, but the weight of these helmets can strain your neck, so it is recommended to use a light one for a long day's work. 

There are lightweight materials used for helmets, like carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin. These materials usually weigh between 18 to 24 ounces and are also heat-resistant, so you can make sure they can withstand the hot emissions from your welding activity. 

You also have to consider your working environment. Welding can feel hot and sticky. There are welding helmets that provide excellent ventilation for airflow, so you won't feel suffocated while working. 

Personal Preference

For welders, the helmet completes their work attire. So, aside from the special features, you can look for helmets that fit your style. There are different designs available in the market. You can find one you like—from skulls, hot flames, retro themes, or even superhero themes. So, you can work comfortably and safely while still being stylish. 

PROWELD 180 auto-darkening welding hood

A Buying Guide for Auto Tint Helmets

If this is your first time buying a helmet with an auto-darkening lens, here is a buying guide that can help you find the ultimate performance that you are looking for. Let's check the different must-have features of a welding hood and know why it should be your next welding protective gear. 

LCD Viewing Area

The front viewfinder of the helmet should at least have dimensions 4.41 x 2.95 inches. Additionally, it should also have a side-viewing area of 4.1 x 1.36 inches. The hemispherical design will allow you to see a wider range and observe your work area more safely. 

Battery-operated welding hoods are an excellent choice. The kit should include a replaceable lithium battery and replaceable side lenses and shield for your helmet. 

Flip-up Design

A convenient flip-up design lets you lift the face shield without removing the helmet. This feature allows you to work on non-welding-related tasks and switch back to welding in an instant. 

The shell of the welding should also be made from premium quality materials, such as resin or nylon, that protect you from potential high-impact projectiles while you are working. Choose a shell that can withstand intense temperatures that range from -10 degrees to 55 degrees celsius. 

Ergonomic Top Headgear Band 

An excellent helmet should be designed for functionality, protection, and ultimate comfort. It should include adjustable headgear and a sweatband that prevents sweat from rolling to your eyes. The fit of the headgear should be customizable from the distance of the shield to your face to your desired tilt position, ensuring a perfect fit for anyone.

Auto-darkening and True Colors

The welding helmet auto-darkening lens should be able to switch from light to dark in 1/25000 seconds, protecting your eyes from harmful rays. In addition, the lens's UV protection is all up at shade DIN 16, which protects your eyes from harmful releases from plasma cutters and torches. 

The true tone features, on the other hand, let you see your workspace more clearly without removing your entire helmet, which helps for a smoother work process. 

Four Premium Sensor and Solar-powered Helmet

Standard auto-darkening welding glasses include two sensors for their darkening lenses. A high-quality welding mask should have four premium sensors, which means it automatically changes faster compared to other hoods. A 2-sensor helmet may fail to catch some lights and flashes, but a 4-sensor will block all dangerous rays accordingly. 

Investing in a solar-powered helmet can give you significant savings over time compared to battery-operated helmets that require replacements now and then. 

Protect Your Eyes With The Right Welding Helmet

Welding works come with several hazards. That is why it is important to equip yourself with the proper safety gear. Aside from wearing a protective suit to prevent stray burns, you should also give armor to your eyes to protect them from bright and harmful releases that can cause eye damage. 

We hope we helped shed light on auto tint welding helmets that you find useful for your next purchase. Visit our blogs to explore different options and buying guides for the right welding helmet for you. 

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