6 Incredible and Safe Cutting Torch Glasses to Have This 2022

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January 2, 2022
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When we do our hobbies, we want to be safe while we’re learning and having fun. That’s why when playing sports, protective gear like knee and shoulder pads or even helmets are necessary. If your hobby is as dangerous as welding, it’s even more imperative to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

This article will discuss what complete PPE in welding includes, but it will largely focus on our recommendations for cutting torch safety glasses for eye protection. With so many products in the market, you want to entrust the welfare of your eyesight to trusted brands. These products will ensure you get to appreciate beauty and colors after performing rigorous welding and cutting tasks.

Safety Reminders

Before going to specific products, you should know the essential factors to consider to ensure you have the proper welding goggles.

  1. Full eye covering: No foreign chemicals, especially hot spatter coming from the weld, should get to your eyes because they may cause irreversible damage. Having goggles that cover the whole of the eyes is best.
  2. UV ray protection: Welding goggles and helmets should be UV ray-sensitive. When the goggles detect the rays’ presence, they will activate the protection.
  3. Correct shade filter: Shade filters ensure that dangerous light will not go through the goggles to damage your eyes. A shade of 2 to 14 is available. Having the correct shade ensures protection and work environment visibility.
  4. Welding helmet and hood: Experts say that having welding goggles is not enough. Covering the entirety of your face with welding helmets and hoods is still the best protection.

With eye protection, your whole attire should pass the Occupational Safety and Health Standards, especially when doing industrial work. Here are the other PPE you should wear depending on the type of work you are doing:

  • Welding cap and helmet
  • Eyeglasses or goggles
  • Ear covering and plugs for ear-damaging noise
  • Welding gloves
  • Protective breathing masks
  • Heat- and fire-resistant clothing
  • Safety welding boots/shoes
  • Face shield

Creating and building things is personally rewarding. As you see the fruition of your efforts, ensure that you are safe from start to finish of your project by putting your safety first.

Cutting Torch Glasses and Goggles

Hobart 770096 Oxyacetylene Goggles

Hobart 770096 Oxyacetylene Goggles - cutting torch glasses

Steampunk involves an imaginative mix of technology and fashion. You often see this style in science fiction, where people wear fashion and designs inspired by steam power.

The Hobart 770096 oxyacetylene goggles will give you this feel at first wear. Not only that, but it will also give you the welding protection you need.


  • Eye covering: 50 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Usage: Oxyacetylene welding

●     Provides full eye covering
●     Cutting torch glass shade filter number 5 is enough to see the work area and protect your eyes.
● An elastic headband gives a perfect fit when worn
● Complies with ANSI Z87.1 eye protection
● It does not fit all facial contours, which can put you at a higher risk of eye injury.
● It leaves most of the face exposed.


The Hobart 770096 oxyacetylene goggles pass the three factors we are looking for to ensure eye protection. It provides full eye covering and UV rays protection. It has enough filter to shade the eye from oxy acetylene cutting activities. However, you still need to have a separate face shield for ensured protection.

Hobart 770095 Oxyacetylene Goggles

770552 Heavy Duty F-Clamp 12-inch 770565 Two Axis Clamp 770553 H

Another Hobart brand that you can use for oxyacetylene welding is these goggles, which also have a steampunk-inspired design.


  • Eye protection: 2 inches by 4.25 inches
  • Color: Green and black
  • Usage: Oxyacetylene welding
● Provides cover to the eyes and their surrounding areas
● Full view of the materials being welded because of the 2-inch by 4.25-inch goggles
● Has number 5 filter shade for UV ray and harmful light protection
● Adjustable elastic bands hold the goggles for a perfect fit.
● No face shield provided for complete face protection
● The one-sized goggles may not fit all types of facial contours, causing discomfort in use.


This variation offers a broader view of the field you are working in. If you are more comfortable with this than having separate goggles for your eyes, this product is perfect!

Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses

Pyramex offers different kinds of eyeglasses for different tasks, including welding. Choose the pair equipped with the shade filter needed for your cutting, brazing, and welding needs.


  • Eye protection: Provides protection for the eyes, although it has air vents.
  • Usage: Light cutting, brazing, and welding
● Works for hobbyists doing small welding, cutting, and brazing projects
● It fits like regular shades, only that it has filters number 3 and 5, which are sold separately.
● Provides UV ray protection
● Has bands that can hold the glasses more firmly
● The glasses have air vents that may cause small particles to enter your eye.
● No auto-adjusting shades


If you need basic protection for small projects and a shades-like design, this eye protection will work. Just ensure to add another layer of face shield as protection. For heavy-duty tasks, it is better to invest in heavy-duty goggles.

Goggles and Glasses with Masks

YesWelder LYG-R100A Goggles

You need complete facial protection for total safety, and the YesWelder LYG-R100A goggles are just the product for that. The goggles and the mask are separate, but you can quickly put the two together. In addition to these two, you can still add another pair of protective glasses inside.


  • Eye protection: Provides complete protection for the eyes and surrounding areas
  • Usage: Tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), stick, and gas welding; plasma applications
● Shows the true colors of your surroundings
● Auto-darkening lenses in the presence of harmful UV light
● Available in different filter shades of 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, which you can use alternately for different welding and cutting needs.
● It comes with a mask for complete facial protection.
● Goggles do not have a built-in nose padding, so you need to add one for additional comfort.


We highly recommend the YesWelder LYG-R100A because it provides the eye and face protection you need. These goggles stand out among others because they show true colors despite the darkening and filter shade protection. Make sure to check the included manual for proper use.

Lincoln Electric ArcSpecs Goggles with Mask

Another product that will give you eye and face protection is the Lincoln Electric ArcSpecs.


  • Eye protection: 7.3-square inch lens, full eye and face protection
  • Usage: Welding, plasma cutting, and grinding
● Filter shade auto-darkens from number 5 to 13 depending on the task you are doing.
● 4C lens technology allows a clearer view of the material being welded.
● Equipped with a LED light if you weld in low-light environments
● It has an adjustable and elastic headband for perfect eye and face fit
● The welding hood is still recommended for complete protection.


The highlight that sets this product apart from its competitors is the 4C lens technology. Traditional and low-quality lenses do not provide a clear view of the welded material. The 4C technology, on the other hand, shows you a clearer view, allowing you to produce more precise and higher-quality welds.

Miller Welding Mask and Goggles

Miller is one of the most trusted brands in the welding industry. The company was founded in 1929, and it continues to provide products that serve every welder’s needs.

This time, they have produced a set that provides just the perfect protection needed by tradesmen—the Miller welding mask and goggles.


  • Eye protection: Provides complete protection for the head, face, and eyes
  • Usage: MIG, TIG, stick, and gas welding and cutting
● The set includes welding goggles, mask, cover lenses, magnifying lens frames, an anti-fog film, and a bag for portability.
● Filter shade numbers 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 are available.
● The battery lasts for 1,000 hours.
● Silicon skirt sizes vary. Ensure you get the right size to have a full advantage.


Miller is a trusted brand, so you can’t go wrong in trying another product from them. Other brands offer goggles only; some, goggles and masks. Miller offers complete protection that any worker needs.

Final Reminders

These are the different products you can try for eye protection when welding. One last reminder is that you should not use the goggles without a face shield or a mask. It is best to use them together with other safety equipment you have and not risk using the goggles alone.

If you see advertisements saying the goggles will provide enough protection such that you won’t need shields and masks, do not put 100% of your trust in them. Instead, go the whole way of protecting yourself.

Some experiments use cutting torch glasses for eclipse, particularly cutting torch glasses for a solar eclipse. Doing this is hazardous and can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. These goggles are for welding, so use them for that only.

It may be inconvenient to put on several layers of protection. Still, it is the only way to ensure your safety while maintaining the quality of your output.

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